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C&R Research provides partnering services designed to support licenses, merger & acquisition, and joint development projects between companies. For your successful overseas expansion, our partnering services from the early product development stage encompass medicinal products (new chemical entities, new dosage form, first generic, and incrementally modified drug), medical devices, over-the-counter drugs, functional health foods, and cosmetics.

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Partnering service with a global network of 200 companies

C&R Research has worked with 200 companies in over 30 countries worldwide and supported partnering services via a global network based collaboration with local and regional partners located in Europe, U.S., Asia, and MENA.

Tailored consulting for successful overseas expansion

By connecting its established overseas regulatory affairconsulting function, C&R Research provides streamlined overseas expansion consulting services that meet client’s need and expectation. This helps clients select overseas expansion strategies involving licenses, merger & acquisition, and joint development projects, distribution contract, and independent overseas market entry. Further, it is well known that clinical development program and marketing capability of a product license holder is likely to affect his/her development duration/success and expected sales in each country. Since C&R Research can directly support product license and clinical development programs in the U.S., China, Japan, Taiwan, and other ASEAN countries, clients can be assured of our strong assistance on corporate partnering.

Technology transactions and licensing services based on C&R partners’ accumulated know-how

As part of its company-wide initiative to assist technology sourcing and licensing strategies of pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies and medical device manufacturers at home and abroad, C&R Research supports clients’ business development by partnering with Partners Group, an independent technology transaction provider with a title of “C&R partners”. Now that several tens of technology transactions and licensing have been handled by experienced C&R partners who are able to rapidly forecast the number of potential clients, C&R Research proactively assists them in such a manner that the value of a project may be properly appraised and allocated.

Liaison service with Korean products sourcing fund

C&R Research is negotiating Korean products sourcing with local companies’ fund via its branch offices in China and Singapore. Should a client want an investment or technology transfer attuned to the fund’s requirements, C&R Research may discuss a direct linkage to the fund.

Liaison service for overseas expansion support (C&R Healthcare Global)

C&R Healthcare Global, an affiliated company of C&R Research, is operating an incubating center for small- and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. In addition to simple partnering services, if certain SMEs are desirous of overseas expansion as a corporate or venture business models, our incubating center expands its service scope to commercialization of a product, technology commercialization service, and IR linkage between foreign investors, using its infrastructure.


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