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Clinical Trial Development

About service

The internal medical group of experts in C&R Research provides standardized consulting services with wider coverage of subject matters, ranging from product development strategy including protocol designs for numerous indications to all phases of clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Development

  • Product Development Strategic Plans
  • Protocol Development & Consulting
  • Scientific and Medical Consulting
  • Patient Recruitment and Retention Strategy
  • Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) strategy
  • Efficiency Optimization Consulting
  • Global Regulatory Affair Consulting
  • Global Clinical Trial Consulting
  • Market Access Consulting
  • Investigator/Sponsor Relationships
  • Development of Academic Advisory Boards
  • Communication with Regulatory Authority
  • Ad-hoc Consulting
  • Training & Education

Medical Group based Consulting

An internal group of medical doctors in C&R Research can provide consulting services in the early phase of clinical drug development, including protocol designs and sample size calculation.

Budget Optimization

With more than 1,700 trials completed across a wide range of therapeutic areas hitherto, C&R Research can offer consulting services to strengthen clients’ decision making for informed GO/NO GO decisions in the craft of efficient development strategies and product development, thus reducing clients’ time and costs.

Site & Investigator Selection

By utilizing a database of major hospitals covered, C&R Research provides faster linkage to key researchers and sites involved in target diseases.

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