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C&R Research’s experts provides a wide range of biostatistical services. They have an in-depth knowledge and extensive experiences in clinical and therapeutic areas, including pharmaceutical products and medical devices. C&R Research’s biostatics team can help clients resolve complex clinical development issues correctively, ranging from clinical study design and sample size calculation to data analysis methods, data output, and statistical analysis.

Clinical Study Design, Sample Size Calculation and Analysis Strategies

Randomization and Un-Blinding Process

Statistical Analysis Plan

Generating CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium) ADaM (Analysis Data Model) Data

Statistical Output Production

Production of Statistical Analysis Report and Review of CSR (Clinical Study Report)

Interim Analysis

Participating DSMBs (Data Safety Monitoring Boards)

Optimized clinical trial service tailored to the needs of clients

Biostatistics experts of C&R Research provide not only rational clinical study designs that can minimize potential risks and unnecessary stages that may occur during the length of clinical trials, through statistical analyses based on their rich experience for all stages of pharmaceutical product and medical device development and profound understanding on various regulations and laws, but also optimized statistics solutions attuned to clients’ budget and product characteristics in clinical trials.

Rich experience and expertise

Biostatisticians and statistics programmers within a dedicated biostatistics team are holders with master’s and doctorate degrees in statistics, with a career of more than 5 years in clinical trial operations per person. They have carried out more than 1,000 clinical trial designs and statistical analyses for the recent 5 years. Based on such accumulated experience and expertise, please rest assured that biostatistics experts will provide reliable clinical statistic services customized to the needs of clients.

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