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Applicant guide(FAQ)

If desired questions are not found, please contact an E-mail of a person-in-charge.

Inquires recruitment:

  • How does C&R Research perform recruitment?
    C&R Research selects eligible candidates via regular and occasional hiring procedures.
    When we are in need of experienced candidates per post, we will first review the frequently registered HR pool.
  • How can I apply for C&R Research?
    For application, you are requested to check the recruitment notice at our homepage and prepare your resume and self-introduction using a designated form in Job application page.
  • How can I confirm if my application was submitted normally?
    The names of successful applicants can be identified in Job application page.
  • How can I see my results for each recruitment stage?
    Individual phone contacts are made available only to those who pass the document screening.
    The screening results are also notified to interviewers via phone and E-mail.
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