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Centralized Monitoring

About service

Centralized monitoring is intended to improve, via centralized data review, the quality of clinical trials by identifying or preventing data quality risk/issue(s) that may occur during the length of clinical trials, following discussion with all relevant departments for earlier resolution.

Centralized Data Review

Centralized Statistical Data Review

Quality improvement of clinical trials

The key benefits of centralized monitoring are to assist early identification of data quality risk/issue(s) which may compromise validity of study results after review of clinical data and to help establish an on-site monitoring visit plan that is efficient and suited to the objective of a clinical trial. Further, to address the issues found in centralized monitoring, timely corrective actions are to be taken through closer collaboration and smooth communication between relevant departments, thus obtaining the best outcomes to meet the objective of a clinical trial.

Ensuring better safety

Another benefit of centralized monitoring is to evaluate the performance capability of each clinical trial center through comparison of clinical data being reviewed and to help reflect relevant results in the ongoing clinical trial program. In particular, through review of safety data, centralized monitoring is to support a safety data monitoring program that may enhance subject protection.

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