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Global Clinical Trial Development

About service

C&R Research provides comprehensive strategies and consulting services for global clinical trial development, through a number of professionals with extensive experience in multinational clinical trials in each country.

Global Regulatory Affairs Strategy

Global Feasibility Strategy


Market Access & Entrance Survey

CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls)

CTD (Common Technical Document)

CDISC (Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium)

Global RA Expertise

C&R Research is able to manage real-time web based reporting from RA teams in the U.S., China, ASEAN countries, Japan and Taiwan. Then, Korea’s global RA consultants offer a range of database options and consulting to help clients establish regulatory strategies to suit multinational trials.

Feasibility & Budgeting

Through closer collaboration with its branch offices overseas, a global network of CROs and government-led clinical organizations, C&R Research acquires relevant data from each country to provide a streamlined global feasibility strategy per indication in each clinical development phase and a suitable study budget within a short period of time.

Global Market Survey

Based on the reports obtained from its branch offices overseas and partners, C&R Research selects a list of strategic countries suitable for multinational clinical trials and offer support in client’s development process in each country.

Global standardization

C&R Research provides regulatory compliance consulting on CMC, CTD and CDISC that are required in data submission for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and European Medicines Agency.

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