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Asia Pacific CRO

C&R Research, Internationally recognized as a leading regional full-service CRO

C&R Research is one of the Asia-Pacific leading contract research organizations (CROs) and for last two decades, it has conducted more than 1,200 projects of clinical trials and regulatory affairs in Asia. In particular, C&R Research has expanded its clinical operation capability and therapeutic expertise in Asia, through the successive establishment of overseas branch offices (Beijing office in 2010, Singapore office in 2017), coupled with a creation of A-PACT, an alliance for Pac-Asia clinical trials with renowned CROs in Asia in 2013. C&R Research will further expand its service capabilities in global clinical trials by establishing another branch offices in the U.S. and Europe.

Global Capacity of Global Clinical Trial in Asia Pacific

C&R Research has completed a significant number of trials in the Asia-Pacific region, posting an annual growth of 20%.


The Asia-Pacific region accounts for 50% of the world large cities and boasts a large population of about 4 billion people. Thus, you can have easier access to the Asia Pacific region countries in terms of faster recruitment of patients and high prevalence of certain diseases.


C&R Research‘s clinical trial services have been successfully delivered by a dedicated team of professionals with expertise across a wide range of therapeutic areas in the Asia-Pacific region.


Global RA Consulting

To establish sound regulatory strategies through a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory requirements and associated challenges for each market is an integral part towards successful multinational clinical trials. Through its RA strategy based on the database of comprehensive information collected from each overseas branch office and a global network of RA experts, C&R Research delivers the solutions providing assurance that any of global clinical projects can be successfully completed.


Worldwide Integrated Solutions

C&R Research provides clinical trial services based on its own infrastructure developed to conduct comprehensive clinical research worldwide. C&R Research’s globally available integrated services are delivered by Singapore’s R&D center (incubating and acceleratingplatform), clinical training institutefor Asian countries, LeadTrialTM (web-based integrated e-Solution) in-house developed for global clinical trials, and worldwide QA organization for GCP/GLP/GMP by C&R QA.

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