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Study Start-up

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Study start-up services are available through C&R Research’s highly qualified experts. Our dedicated study start-up team recruits effective clinical research sites and provides more simplified services stages. Thus, clients have access to our rapid start-up services for Phase I to IV clinical trials of pharmaceutical and medical device products and post-marketing surveillance (PMS) studies, such as initial IRB (Institutional Review Board) submission and contract with clinical research centers.

IRB (Institutional Review Board) Initial Submission

Budget Negotiation

Contract Negotiation

Overall IRB Affairs in case of IRB-Centric Study

Rapid study start-up services

C&R Research is a clinical research organization (CRO) with the longest history of experience in Korea. Until this date, C&R Research have conducted more than 17,000 clinical trials since its foundation. A critical key to the CRO’s rapid start-up services is its site database accumulated through numerous projects. Based on the database, C&R Research can shorten the enrollment date of first subject via rapid study start-up services, ranging from selection of appropriate research centers to initial IRB approval and contractual work with a short period of time.

Reliable study start-up services through highly experienced experts

C&R Research’s study start-up service team has at least 3 years of industry and clinical experience per person with in-depth expertise. On average, C&R Research has annually executed 400 IRB-related tasks and 200 contractual works with clinical research centers. Based on the extensive clinical experience and accumulated know-how, you can be assured of high-quality study start-up services.

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