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Oncology Specialized

Oncology Specialized

Now that oncology sector accounts for about 30% of global clinical research market, many companies are currently actively pursuing oncology drug development around the world and oncology therapeutic market are expected to further grow in the future. Nevertheless, clinical trials for cancer therapies, which are segmented and multi-stratified according to diverse indications, have become increasingly complex to manage due to a lack of researchers with in-depth expertise and need for a well stratified patient pool. Thus, there is urgent need for these companies to collaborate with a CRO that may offer proper solution. With a workforce of oncology experts having rich experience and expertise in diverse indications, C&R Research provides its oncology full service systematically and brings multilateral expertise to address client’s ongoing tasks via global network.

A. Our experts with rich experience and expertise in oncology development provide end-to-end services.

# of Dedicated Departments
Average years of PM’s Experiences
% of CRA specialized in medical based major

All clinical research associates (CRAs) from C&R Research’s oncology team formed in 2009 completed necessary training programs on various indications via C&R ACADEMY, a MFDS-designated and ISO 9001 certified clinical training institution. Therefore, qualified CRAs provide industry-recognized best practices for oncology services.

C&R Research has worked across therapeutic areas, especially with significant experience in oncology, so its dedicated team can provide reliable oncology services.

# of total studies
# of total sites
# of total patients

More specifically, under a strategic alliance partnership agreement with a government-led National Onco Venture in 2011, C&R Research has accumulated in-depth experience in oncology studies, such as solid tumor and hematology, as a leading CRO in Korea.
C&R Research has rich experience in dealing with diverse indications of oncology drugs.

[ Experience by Mechanism (2010~2021)
[ Experience by Mechanism (2010~2021) ]
[Oncology Experience(2010~2021 Total : 176 Studies)]
[Oncology Experience(2010~2021 Total : 176 Studies)]
[Experience By Oncology Phase (2010~2021) ]
[Experience By Oncology Phase (2010~2021) ]

With respect to all clinical trial services, C&R Research adheres to global standard guidelines. Thus, it provides optimized data and report meeting the needs of clients.


Global Data Standards


CDISC-Data Tabulation


CDISC-Data Analysis


ICH Clinical Safety Data Management Guide


Global e-Solution

With individual teams dedicated to Centralized Monitoring and Pharmacovigilance, C&R Research has conducted risk monitoring and safety management of all clinical processes in oncology, coupled with a supporting system to ensure that the safety management of post-approval drugs may be available.

C&R Research has its own branches in South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and US, while maintaining closer relationship with researchers in each country. Further, its wider global networks and mutual collaboration with CROs, risk analysis consulting agencies, clinical trial sites, investigators and government agencies has made it easier to recruit a patient population and initiate clinical trials within a short period.

In particular, medical groups and multifunctional experts in each Asian country can recommend their strategies designed to maximize the commercial potentiality of the client’s project.

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